Tuesday, February 23, 2010

something in the way she moves

anytime you feel the pain, hey jude, refrain...

I saw Across the Universe for the first time today at my school's monthly movie night hosted by the Art Appreciation club (which I run). :)

I felt that some scenes were actually really scary, like the Strawberry Field scene, and that one where there's naked girls dancing above the water, but I realized that the film is depicting a time of war and I guess there's nothing as scary and disturbing as death.

The only factor I didn't like about the movie was its myriad depictions of drug usage. I think it just showed too much drugs unnecessarily. I know during that time in history, many people actually used a lot of drugs, but I don't think it was necessary to depict it that much in the film... and I was slightly disappointed with the 'movie raters' of this film. You would think a movie with so much drug usage and trippy scenes would be rated R...but it's only PG-13. Anyway! I still like the film a lot!

Before watching this film, I wasn't much of a Beatles fan because I just didn't find their music as that... amazing and stunning as everyone thinks (I know, don't hurt me please!). But this film has allowed me to develop a real appreciation for Beatles music. Jim Sturgess does a great job and he is quite the cutie, although for some reason I like Max more. ;) Now I can't stop listening to Hey Jude!!

Here are some of my favorite scenes:

Hold Me Tight - The Beatles

at 1:28, when Jim Sturgess shakes his head, he is so adorable!!!!!!!!
and aren't those dresses lovely? I've always wished my school's prom or dances would be like this. :)


I Want You (She's so Heavy) - The Beatles

Max, i.e. Joe Anderson, is so cute! I prefer him without his facial hair though. :)
The choreography and performance in this scene is awesome.

I've Just Seen a Face - The Beatles

I love the clothes and the choreography!
Someday I'd like to do that in the bowling alley; maybe this weekend at my bday party.. but I'm not renting the whole bowling alley so they'd probably kick me out if I leaped over all the lanes. Haha. :D

Something (yes, that's actually the name of the song) ;) - The Beatles (sorry there's no scene in this video - I couldn't find one with the scene!)

And here's a random bonus video for ya from America's Funniest Home Videos; that show makes me laugh my sox off every time. This one is one of me fav funny videos of all time. My mom and I laugh about this video just thinking about it. ;)

macarena boy via

Song of the moment:
Hey Jude - Across the Universe sountrack

I think that's my favorite song for now. It's so enchanting and Joe Anderson's voice is irresistible!


nap said...

I was considering coming like you said but I wasn't really interested in the movie selection :P

erin :) said...

Really? You missed outtt, it was so good! We watched it with Portuguese subtitles. Haha. Thanks for thinking about it though. :)

Robyn said...

That sounds really cool! I wish my school had something like that, but I think everyone would just be too lazy to run it..haha

Honestly, I didn't like that movie too much. I mean it was cute, and pretty trippy at parts..but they desecrated (sp?) one of my favorite songs and my opinions on it went downhill after that. It's good otherwise though!

And thank you for the lovely comment!
Not many people like my cat after they get to know him really...he's a bit of a bully, and looks angry most of the time. (but he's a sweety~ )

(I can't wait to see my new look either!)

Have a nice day!


Faux Naif said...

i really liked that film, but not as much as other people do (some people are just OBSESSED).

but i do love the beatles. always have, always will :)

(and i liked max better too)

Catherine said...

Oh, probably one of my favorites! I've Just Seen a Face is the best part in my opinion - it just evokes so many positive emotions in me. Hey Jude is quite lovely though - both Joe Anderson and Jim Sturgess are so cute :)

And no, I haven't done a post on my room! I've always wanted to, but it's never clean. Maybe I'll clean it sometime? haha.

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

i didn't even like asparagus until 6 months ago when my aunt made it for a party by just drizzling some olive oil, salt, and pepper over it and sticking it in the oven on broil until it's very tender and a little bit crispy. i make this all the time now!

Elizabeth said...

I loved the Beatles already, and this movie made me love them more. So glad it roped you in too :)