Tuesday, February 23, 2010

olympics: team fashion & ice skating

My favorite part about the Winter Olympics is the figure skating - men's, womens, couples, compulsory dance, anyone who can move beautifully on ice is so inspiring. I may not be able to distinguish between a triple axel or a triple lutz, but figure skating is really a form of art that's enjoyable for so many people. Check out the "Top five jumps from Men's free skating" here; stunninggg!

On top of its elegance, I'm so excited that America won the Gold for Men's Figure Skating! I think Evan Lysacek totally deserved it. Evgeni Plushenko did fantabulously, but he just didn't have that perfection that Lysacek exhibited. And I have to say, Lysacek's black outfit was kinda hot (my favorite was his sleek 'firebird' outfit). And it disappoints me that Plushenko had such terrible sportmanship. Apparently, he said Lysacek wasn't really the winner of the gold, and he renamed his Silver Medal as a Platinum Medal to fulfill his anger. I believe a real winner should embrace his rank no matter which rank he gets. :/

I was also disappointed that USA's Johnny Weir only ranked 5th although that isn't too bad of a rank. I think he should've received the Bronze...Oh well, Olympic judges can work in mysterious ways.

And despite all the controversy surrounding Johnny's fox fur outfit, I think it would've looked lovely! I feel that it's so rude for the animal groups to send him death threats and hate mail enough so that he abandoned his fur outfit and replaced it with faux fur. He even thought the animal groups would disrupt his actual performance. In reality, there are people who wear real fur coats and wear much more real fur than Johnny would have. Anyway, enough of my Olympics ranting! Here's Johnny's free performance and his short; he can definitely rock that pink tassle. :)

“Figure skating is an amazing ride. It takes you from feeling like the lowest scum in the pond, like two hours ago. And now I feel like a flower growing out of the pond.”

"I`m very, very, very excited...very, very elated. Lovely, really." Johnny Weir
(what a character) :)

If you aren't going to visit any of these sites, definitely check out this one, my favorite!; Canada's Virtue and Moir's Gold winning performance (2:12, 3:40 and their ending at 4:55-5:06 are beautiful). This performance almost made me cry in its beauty!! And if you're inspired, check out their compulsory dance (1:42 is hot!) Tessa Virtue's outfit is stunning here and I love her earrings! What a lovely couple and romantic performance. Oh, it makes me want to fall in love and dance like that!

Lovely picture, no? :)

And if you're still not fascinated by ice skating, I'm sure Ice Dancing's wackiest costumes will entertain you. :)

I also like Germany's Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy's outfit:

Of all the skaters, I'd have to say Kim Yu Na is my favorite. She has the most beautiful smile, and the rest is self-explanatory. My cousins from South Korea said that I look like her, but I don't see the resemblance. ??

Evidently, I love the Olympics ice skating! What's your favorite part of the Olympics?

PS. I'm sorry if you're not much of an Olympics or ice skating fan! I hope you enjoyed the pictures though! :D

PSS. I'm still thinking of a theme for my birthday party at the bowling alley... As for my clothing options for the party, I'm really open to anything. I'm just looking for a theme that entails clothes that are "universal," i.e. clothes that most people would have in their closet, and comfortable since we are bowling. :) The bowling alley is pretty new and sleek with it's black lights, so I think neon would be my best bet. All my other ideas, like 50s, or girly, include skirts or dresses, but those are hard to bowl in right? Let me know your ideas! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :)


Marz said...

I love figure skating too! It's such an awesome sport to watch! I loved Virtue and Moir's performance as well! It was great! They move to gracefully.
As for your bowling alley outfit, I think skirts may be too hard to bowl in, so you may be right about that, BUT it is your birthday so live it up :) But neon would be really awesome to see! whatever you wear, as long as you feel comfortable then I'm sure it'll show and everyone will know you look adorable!
ps, thanks so much for you really amazing comments on my blog, you are truly too kind!
And I would love to give you some photoshop tutorials if you would like, just email me!
I hope you have an amazing bday party, I'm sure you'll look fabulous, and don't forget to post some pictures up on your blog!

Anonymous said...

My favorite is definitely figure skating as well. My favorites were Evan Lysacek and Canadian Patrick Chan! His free skate was so passionate, not to mention he's really good looking. :) Of course, Lysacek was flawless and deserved it over Plushenko. I think his pressure to keep Russians strong from ice skating was too much for him to do well himself. Everyone was fabulous though, kudos to our awesome Olympians! : )

Silverbeige said...

Hallo Erin,
I love men's, womens, couples, compulsory dance too!!!!!!!!! &:)
I dance also and love to see how others do it on ice. Big thanks for this post!

Delilah Winter Wolf said...

I totally agree with the first paragraph! I wouldn't have said better myself... the movements, the flowing dresses and the sound the boots make against the ice is really inspiring for me!

J. said...

I have always dreamed of myself skating around doing the most incredible leaps jumps and spins...I can't, of course but it's a lovely dream that I have had since I was a little girl. (Mom put me in ballet instead.)

I can't believe that Plushenko is so in denial! It makes you wonder what kind of person he really is! Certainly he's not someone living along side the rest of us mere mortals!

English Rose ♥ said...

I love figure skating - its the one thing I actually watch at the winter olympics.

Merci beaucoup for your wonderful comment on my blog, i'm so glad you liked it and I really hope you visit it again soon =]

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x

Christina Rodrigues said...

figure skating is my favorite part of the olympics also :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Schnappy said...

I like a figure skating! Beautiful clothes! :)

Anonymous said...

such great moments captured. :)