Sunday, July 31, 2011

the beginning of something great

so the wurd is out! erin's heading to new york city for college. you might be able to guess where that is, but i'll keep it mystery just to bug you. ;) recently i was in the city for orientation--so stoked for college by the way more than you could even comprehend; i love college, i could probably marry college. here's my bite of the big apple from me to you. ;)

i guess seattle rain followed me to the east side


the first time i was there (and the second time i guess), i saw this guy sitting there literally all day and i thought to myself, 'how does one sit at a park for 4+ hours?' and after sitting there for about an hour whilst listening to my friend's iPod (fostering my love for Foster the People), i thought i could sit there literally all day. the people of new york city are simply amazing. i feel like you don't truly know style until you people-watch in new york city...


'trends' are really non existent. every person (besides the rare exceptions) wears their personality through their clothes. whether they're super fashion savvy or just really cool or really not. and they're all proud of it! i've never seen so much confidence in someone's stride and what they wear. taking it all in was like a dream and i'm sure i'll definitely be sitting around in that park doing homework, reading or something. love that place, and i love new york. 

free shows right across the street from my dorm, i can live with that. (these ol' ladies were really cute. ^^ teehee)

i was in love with her red dress. the silhouette, the swoosh, the sway. the classic red dress.

i guess i had a thing for creeping on chic couples...


 and the biggest kiss from me to you ;-*

song of the moment - 
call it what you want - foster the people


Kimmi said...

The first pictures are typical, so many lights! :o


That Blond Guy said... I could have probably gone if I wanted, but I've always liked living in a box. But good luck to you anyway.

NYC is SO amazing. I went to the Hershey store too and saw the SAME giant chocolate bar. Well, maybe not the same one, but you know what I mean. You know.

I love all of those places too. People-watching is definitely more interesting there than anywhere else, but I'm not going to argue with many of the stereotypes about New Yorkers. What can I say? Sometimes they're just bastards. Not you, though. Just some people. Like my father. Who beat me.

Are you going to blog from college? If not, I'll miss you!

Also, I'm tagging all of my followers with my Blogging Survey Named Nicolai ( So if you're ever free, I would be SO happy if you did it and tagged your followers too. I'm going to make this work if it KILLS me.

I surprised myself by listening to that song, and in fact I thought it was pretty great. Thanks for posting it.


Miranda said...

Sooooo jealous!!!! College in New York? Wow. That's like a dream come true! Best of luck there! :)

Catherine said...

I'm so excited for you! We definitely have to meet up in NYC before I leave for England :D