Thursday, June 9, 2011

Feelin' the Blues [outfit post]

One more day, and I'm no longer a high school student. I have more to say, but I should probably get as much sleep as possible so I don't fall on my face as I receive my diploma tomorrow. Thus, for now, all I can say is, I can't believe it's here. I don't want high school to end. I know the future holds grand, unforeseeable surprises, but I just can't--and don't want to--grasp the fact that this may be the last time I ever get to see the beautiful people that have blessed my life, and the last time I may be in Washington state. But anywho, more to come, and maybe some tears then. ;)

To emphasize the blues that I'm feeling, here's some.. blue tights! My fashionista friend, Isabelle, who has frequently made her debut on my blog gifted me with her blue tights. Remember way back when I wrote a post on 'how to wear blue tights'? Well, here's how I recently wore them. :)


 cardigan - urban outfitters
top - ciel boutique
skirt - uniqlo (in south korea)
tights - gift
song of the moment -


M3L said...

I love the blue tights :) Thx so much for the compliment on my blog and for the tips about cameras. I saw the ad for the Canon Powershoot and I'm thinking about getting a similar camera... Everything is a question of price after that.

M3L said...
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Blicious said...

love your blue tights!


melindaaa said...

dearrrr erinnn
what are you doing next weekend?
i miss you and i want to hangout :)

Catherine said...

Ah, those tights are so cool! I wish I liked wearing tights, because those are quite nice :)

Anyway, congrats on graduating! I guess I'm late to this post, but still! I'm sorta at the point where I'm reminiscing and wondering where all the time went. Yeah. It's weird haha.


Ashley said...

I like how you've kept the outfit neutral so that the tights really stand out.