Monday, August 9, 2010

First Blog Feature & Shoppin' til I'm Droppin'

I was featured by another blogger for the first time! :D:D Check out the interview at Chiffon Dreams! She has a great fashion blog there and the interview was so fun to be a part of!

Thanks so much Tiffany! :)

As for my Korea journeys, everyday I've been busier than I thought I'd be, but that's how life rolls in South Korea! The other day was my big shopping day and I hit the streets of Myungdong with my parents - they're actually very good at helping me choose clothes (my dad walks around, carries the bags and pays and chooses when I'm too indecisive, and my mom picks out clothes or approves clothes I pick, we're a great fashion team! xD).

It was like a mini fashion show when I came home. I normally don't buy so many clothes, but my mom wanted me to prepare for future "business"y events, so here they are!

shirt - H&M ($15) (I love this shirt!!)
skirt - Zara ($19!)
shoes - from the same store I bought the bag (approx $30)

shirt - H&M
skirt - Uniqlo (fits perfectly! It was amazing!!!)
bag - store on the street?
shoes - also just on the street (only $10 and they had my size!)

The two pairs of shoes at the top were only $10 each! I seriously don't buy this much normally, but when you have size 5 feet, you don't really fit into many shoes. I bought all four pairs for a total of $80, basically $20 each! :)

I think my favorite items of the day are my colorful flats and this bag:

This bag was about $40 - a little on the pricey side but it's definitely my new best friend. :)

If you ever visit South Korea - which you will of course, Myung Dong is your place to go for great shopping!!

Here are a few of the other surprises I encountered in MyungDong and other places:

When I went up to this guy (or girl) to ask to take a photo, I didn't know where his/her head was! He/she/it was so cute!!! :D:D

I saw these guys across the street while shopping at Uniqlo:

Within fractions of a second, I thought "They must be mannequins or dolls. Wait! They're moving! Call the police! They're going to fall! But they look so happy and chill! Oh, must be some fun event for the store. Nvm about the police..."

If you love dumplings, then you must visit Myung Dong ManDoo (ManDoo = Korean for dumpling). It's a small, humble looking place, but seriously the best!!!

I also met an invisible man eating noodles; they really do exist!

I didn't buy these socks at H&M, but the bag was cute. ;D Aren't these socks the bombb??

song of the moment -
All at Sea - Jamie Cullum


Sara Lynn said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun! I really am loving your shoes! Those sparkly looking flats are just too sweet :)

emily said...

it looks like you're having lots of fun! :) i love shopping in seoul :)

Anna said...

Hahaha you are SOOO CUTE! I got so excited looking at the new flats that you got! And of course the business outfits (which reminds me that I need to get some "business-y" pieces too)and the striped bag! Hahahaha the two people on the 'balcony' thing is so cute and I would be freaked out if I saw them up there as well..
And YES!! If you have time in between your adventures, I'd love a Taeyang CD (Solar is his first and only album I think) or a poster of Taeyang hehe :P I'll pay you back when you come back (can't wait to see you again btw) and thanks for the offer! But if you don't have time, it's okay too :)

augustalolita said...

wow so many great photos!! i love all your outfits!! and amazing finds!! i adore your new bag <3

Pixie said...

I remind you of Emmy Rossum? Wow, that's a big compliment, thank you :))) Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting, please feel more than free to follow :))

Sabina said...

I am Pixie: :)) Sorry, was signed in with the wrong account :)

sallyannie☆ said...

Congratulations on the feature! You look like you're having heaps of fun, those button flats are amazing :) I want to go to South Korea now!

Don't be sorry! To be honest, I was just paranoid because I thought maybe I looked sweaty or something in my photos :( so I was worried and wanted to check :) We've been getting a lot of bright sunshine despite the low temperatures! It's a bit strange.

nickyboutique said...

Thanks for your comment!
I love this outfit and pics!

Ali said...

&& haha, I've kinda forced myself to do all my college apps, which was hard to do during the summer, but so worth it. xD!

And hey, look at how much you post compared to what I post! I post like seven pictures and you post like a bajillion. And I post like every three days. :D Pshhh, you're awesome, just like the invisible noodle eating man <3

That's funny about the dolls, I would have freaked out! And that orange blob thing is way too awesome. I like all your adventures. :D

Linz said...

following! :)

dude, your posts are making me miss korea sooo badly. you had some awesome picks at myungdong.

when i went to myungdong, i got a set of 4 scarves for $20, two purses for $10 each, and a bunch of hilarious socks for my friends. i think for my cousin, i got socks that featured the faces of Super Junior singers. she said she liked stepping on the face of the pretty one - don't ask me. i just live here. O_O

speaking of living, you're in seattle?? no way! i have a job interview in seattle this friday. i don't know if i'll get it, but i would absolutely love to move to seattle. such a great city!

please keep posting pics of your trip there. korea is too much fun to keep to yourself. ;)

ellevictoire said...

i adore all your flats! and that top is definitely great :)

S.Elisabeth said...

Ah looks so amazing (love all the buys! All those flats are adorable!). I love the Etude House and the invisible noodle eating!!

Haha and your comment is so true, I've come to realize! After I posted about a Kpop group, I read your comment and laughed.

Karen said...

Pretty flats!! Love specially the nude pair.


J. said...

You know I love vacation pictures and these are great!

And I'm terribly envious of your darling flat collection!

Jaymie said...

Those shoes are amazing!

Jaymie said...

I just spotted the socks aswell, in love!
ofcoarse, lets both follow each other :)
aha yes i really want a baby panda i'd settle for a kitten though ;)
mmm i have caramel icecreams in my freezer actually i may have to have one of them in a bit.

Linz said...

no, i don't live in washington. i currently live in los angeles. we have k-town, which is kinda like a mini korea? :)

the job's related to helping a senior community deal with licensing in various states. i'm crossing my fingers. i'm an out-of-stater, so my chances are slim,'s to hoping! :)

J's said...

thanks for your comment

I like the shoes you wear!

Wendan said...

I love all those shoes. Share please? Hahah

Maddy said...

I love your outfits and the super cute shoes! You seem like a beautiful person inside and out... Such an inspiration! Keep doing what you're doing (:

Marie said...

Congratulations on the feature!:D

You have cute ballet flats and those moving 'dolls' are fun!:D

***** Marie *****