Friday, August 6, 2010

Class of Fash D18 + Korea D2&3

I'm not sure where to start, but my stay in Korea has been stellar! The food, the friends, the family, the biz, the love! (except the sticky, humid weather isn't so great...)

So I'm staying in South Korea at my dad's place. We sent a lot of our pretty stuff from America to Korea, so I thought I'd snap some shots.

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These guys are "smokers" or something like that, and you put a candle-y thing inside them and smoke whispers out of their mouth! It's the coolest thing! I believe they're from Austria. :)

I love this profile shot.

More home pictures to come!

My fam also ate at this awesome restaurant where they give you a bunch of everything all for $10 a person! I love food - especially Korean food!

If you like vegetables, this will especially be your thing, but even if not, hot tamales! It's good stuff!

Now on to the more real good stuff,
I used to live in S. Korea for two years in middle school and when you make friends in Korea, they're friends 'til the end - at least the ones I made. I gotta be honest - I think my friends here are the bestest friends I've ever had and I miss them from the bottom of my heart. When I'm with them, everything just clicks and I don't gots to worry 'bout nothin' when I'm with them. There's no strings attached, no worries, just pure friendship and good times. I hope we'll be friends forever. I really do. :)

Anyway, to celebrate friendship, I met up with my ol' friend Kristin! Despite the cute fluffy teddy bears, and chubby babies crying, and young Korean guys in suits, she is probably the cutest thing around in Korea. I mean, look at those dimples! Thus, here's the 3rd summer feature - and 1st in South Korea - for Class of Fashion:

Kristen Chung :)

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The 'tank top' she's wearing is actually a dress that's just really short. :)

So we met up at in Bundang - to be specific, Seoh hyun (spelling?) - and ate Udon, soba, and Korean dumplings, all together for approx $11. Food is so good. :)

Then it started raining and we ran from store to store to get cover until we finally found a No-Rae Bang (literally translated: "song room") which is basically Karoake. I feel like Americans think karoake involves drinking, but I promise normal Korean Karaoking is not like that. I haven't busted out some karoake tunes since I lived there 4 years ago, so it was real nostalgic and my voice broke lots (because I haven't sung for that long either). ;)

I'm diggin' the frames.

We jammed to California Girls (the Katy Perry one, not Beach Boys) ;), Last Christmas, Sunday Morning, that one song with Eminem and Rihanna, and others. Kristin has the prettiest singing voice I've ever heard! Her voice is so pristine and on key. She really sings like an angel. And then, I really stink at it, the only song I think I aced was Sunday Morning, and maybe Last Christmas. I couldn't even work A Whole New World (Aladin)! I would go to NoRaeBang just to listen to her sing - that sounds creepy.

At Zara :)

I'll never forget ya Kristin. Please don't send me those shiny red pants from American Apparel, but please do keep in touch! I hope we don't have anymore email problems or issues putting clothes back on the clothing rack (whoaguhrowoosdlkkdjowj!!)! :)

song of the moment -
Hey DJ - Go Back to the Zoo
We the Redeemed - Hillsong


Wendan said...

Ooo so jealous you're in Korea! I miss being in Asia... the food looks so amazing!

Those little smoker dudes look so cute! Maybe I should try to find them here in Vienna?

Linz said...

did you move to korea permanently? your photo compositions are super sweet.

i loved visiting korea. it was so much fun! they have 24 hour noraebangs and DVD bangs? insanity, i tell ya.

thanks for visiting my blog, by the way. :) i didn't design the header. i got it from yummy lolly, and then tweaked it to suit my tastes.

Alex said...

your top is awesome! loved it so much :)!

Faith Fowler said...


Ana said...

wooww you seemed to be having such a great time:). And you too girls are so cool and sweet:)

Have a lovely Sunday:)

kat. said...

So nice there :D

Flashes of Style said...

yall look so cute! :)

Aya Smith said...

Your pics are great and that food looks delicious!

Aya of Strawberry Koi

S.Elisabeth said...

Ah, well I won't comment again about how jealous I am that you're in Korea right now, but skip to the "LOVE the pictures!"" part. Haha, and I do love the pictures (you and your friend look lovely!)

And I feel like friends you make in middle school are the life-long ones. Because I know the relationships I made then are still my strongest now!

Wynne Prasetyo said...

you're so cute! i'm eyeing those stuffs, classic and classy. :)

Missy M said...

wow the pictures are great! love the white lady :)

Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

Wynne Prasetyo said...

great idea, I'm following you now! :)

sallyannie☆ said...

Ooh, looks like fun! You guys look super cute and happy :)

By the way! Why do you think it's so warm where I am? D: It's actually the middle of winter and about 12 degrees everyday...or maybe that's warm to you? I've just always wondered :)

joninel said...

really like your outfit :) really cute :)

Erika said...

THANKSSSSS so much for stopping by & commenting. Thank you for everything =D

Your friend's outfit is so fresh and cute! And your dress too!!

And, oh my, a "song room" sounds reallyyy cool :)

Yummy food, by the way ;)

Lu said...

thank you following my blog as well lady.:)

love the clock withthe sail boats!
keep in touch!

wolves and sparklers.

Charmalade said...

That's so sweet that you'd just instantly reconnect with your friends even with all the difference in time and place-- that's truly a blessing. It's also a bonus that you two are supahcute. :D

And haha that wasn't me in that photograph with the cardigan-- as evidenced by the long hair and the fact that I'm clearly not in Poland! That's actually my friend's sister; apparently my cardigan got around!

Toast with Charmalade

Ali said...

You guys both look adorable, as the food does very edible.. hehee <3 I'm glad you got to meet up with your old frien!~ that's always fun time. :D

&& haha I know, I still have one more application to fill out today but then I'm DONE. How is your progress on them? xD

Anonymous said...

dang, sounds like you're having fun! korea sounds awesome, have a great time!