Monday, May 17, 2010

HS fashion project day one

I'm officially starting my High School Fashion Project and I have yet to establish a name; so if you have any name ideas, please do share!

And to give you a brief overview, this is all about showcasing cool, fresh, "carpe diem"-y fashion, specifically from high school students. I think a lot of fashion focuses on young adults or older, and I think youth fashion needs some more attention. There's so much inspiration and energy in the outfits that surround me day to day in my high school, that I feel the need to share it. :)

Let me know your thoughts! It's just the beginning so I'm open to anything you have to say (esp. a cool project name)! :) So, here we go!

(click photos to make larger)

Student 1: Kaitlyn Wernik

Who is your fashion inspiration?

MK Olsen and Jenny Lewis, Gemma Ward, Sasha Pivovarova

What do you think highlights your outfits/clothes?

Tights, whatever knit, whatever colour.

Unique fashion trait?

Depending on how confident I'm feeling, I'll wear different height shoes. :)

outfit details:
tights - gap
dress - birthday present
boots - dsw
cardigan - urban outfitters
bag - south lake union block party


musings said...

kaitlyn!! so cute. i remember when she got that dress. erin, we should go shopping together sometime! -isabelle

melindaa said...

ohhh this is a cool project! and ill fill out that questionaire thing in a couple posts, thanks for tagging me for that :] ERIN I WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE SOON!