Thursday, April 1, 2010

hey it's snowing!

just kidding! (unless it actually is snowing for you...)

i never have the guts to sneak a spider into someone's sandwich or put salt in someone's coffee, so every year, at school i just say "hey guys! it's snowing!" then they look out the window and i say...

"Happy April Fool's Day!"

here are some fun videos to celebrate:

Pink Panther - The Pink Phink from Acidreams on Vimeo.

genius idea right here! (I like the lady at 1:25-28) ;)

Piano Stairs from Ibrahim Nergiz on Vimeo.

The Three Stooges (Part 2 of episode Slippery Silks)
"First In Theatres December 27,1936
The Stooges put on a fashion show from furniture inspired dresses they designed, after they inherit a fancy dress boutique.
" (3:30-3:40 is my favorite outfit :D)

how did you celebrate april fool's day? ;)

song of the moment
Pink Panther Theme Song


Anonymous said...

so i woke up late with my blinds closed and checked your blog. i see "hey guys its snowing" and i actually jumped and opened the blinds... you really actually got me. XD
then again it snowed/hailed last week so i guess that's my excuse. XD

Diane said...

Poor little Bob! :)))
thanks for visiting my blog :)

have a fun day!