Thursday, April 22, 2010

"chase the dream...

...not the competition"
- Flawless (britain's got talent, dance troupe)

check them out here. they are one of the best dancing groups i've seen nowadays!! a good dancer always turns me on. ;) i miss hip hop class in middle school (i bet you didn't know that about me! suprise!)! if only i had time to dance again...

anyway, here's an outfit post! (click pics to make larger)

shirt - bp (nordstrom)
skirt - store in s. korea (i can't wait to go back this summer!)
leggings - anthropologie
necklace - ciel boutique


jamiesuee said...

you always have such adorable clothes!! i am so jealouss. haha :]

janettaylor said...

Pretty skirt!

J. said...

Love the tights! I've seen so many good things from Anthropology lately...I need to go back, it's been a while!

You're adorable as always Dear!