Wednesday, April 21, 2010


i was thinking about taking a break from blogging, but i am too attached to my blog to do that. so instead! i'm going to just do short posts every couple o' days. i hope that's alright! the problem is, i always intend to do short posts, and then i have something else to say and it just gets long. oh boy, i'll just stop here. xD

anyway, here's some inspiration for the week!

& who is the cutest? ;)

extra fun: if you've read the great gatsby, you may enjoy this
(my favs are "later she dumps him" and "nick's lunch date")

song of the moment -
madcon - beggin' (i love the music video!)


magpie said...

I love the last picture especially :) it's so cute and well phrased. Inspiring!

I like your long posts girly:)

jamiesuee said...

great gatsby hahahahaha

Karen said...

Que bonitas!! sĂ­, son inspiradoras, la Ășltima me gusta especialmente ;)

Have a nice day!!

Sara Lynn said...

You have a great blog here! I really love this post, it just made my day :)

janettaylor said...

U are the cutest! :)

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