Sunday, March 7, 2010

tables, they turn sometimes

My friend gave me The Strokes' Is This It? album for my birthday and every time I listen to it, I like the songs even more!!! So far, my favorite song from the album is Someday. I'm also enjoying Last Night, and When It Started. The playful and laid back tunes make it so easy to listen to. (Someday is the song playing on my blog right now) :)

And here are some pictures of my recent outfit!

(yea.. I got a little editting crazy)

turtleneck: delias
dress: store in s. korea
leggings: anthropologie
necklace: ciel boutique

boots: papaya

When I wore this outfit to school, a guy friend said to me, "that thing you're wearing, I don't know what it's called, but it's very trendy," and I said, "you mean, my leggings?" and he was like "yeah, those things." haha. Then I showed him my necklace and asked what he thought of it, and he said, "yeah. it's very vintage-y." :)

here's some fun collections to check out in your free time: Julian Louie's collection (my favs are 6 and 14; i loveee velvet!) + Harvey Faircloth's collection (although the clothes are lovely, i think i like the fun & unique layout more). :)

and if you're down that the week has just started, and you like earrings, well guess what? check out Sweet as a Candy's giveaway! that was so cheesy. ;)

song of the moment:
Someday - The Strokes


Silverbeige said...

Erin, I love your colours, this outfit is a perfectum! Have a fabolous start off the week.

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

Hey! Thanks for being so sweet :)

as far as ACTs go, I can tell you that I took them twice and then you can combine scores and I did much much better on them than SATs. I think ACTs are geared toward english minded folks rather than math/science.

I know it takes FOREVER doing those standardized tests and you should know that they are complete crap and don't mean a thing past college applications. So, don't worry too hard about it but I definitely suggest finding out what scores you need to get into your dream school and aiming for that.

I had really wanted to go to NYU and their avg. ACT score was a 29 so I scored a 30. BUT i was too scared to apply. :(

oh well!

where do you want to go?

Anonymous said...

I like your tights !
Really nice post !
I really missed your blog. I get back to work in motion picture industry because my work as a personal shopper is more and more difficult (thanks to this earth crisis).
I don't have enough time to visit all the blog I like neither to work on mine.
thank you for your sweet comment and I wish you a happy woman day/eveing*°*°*°

Marie said...

Fun post! The necklace and the boots are my favorite! SO sweet :)

Faux Naif said...

adorable leggings! and hurray, i love the strokes :)

janettaylor said...

What a cute outfit, dearest Erin!

magpie said...


Heh, I am such a hopeless romanticcc:) I'm glad they aren't completely extinct! I "sort of" have a guy right now. He's my best best best friend.......but he has a girlfriend. It's sort of really complicated and longer than I can put into a comment...but if you emaill mee we can chat!!

Haha, I love that blogging/chictopia has given me so many awesome people to talk to!

I love living in Idaho! I live in a really small university town, which is great because it's very liberal and close-knit. Seriously. The community is outstanding. It is small, however. And the drama bites. I am graduating with a class of...120 people? I've known all of them since kindergarten. It can get old.

I LOVE seattle! I may end up going to college there. The shopping is FANTASTIC! Where I is considered a Macy's (smalll inventory) and a Walgreen's. Not exactly plentiful. So going to Seattle and walking past an H&M, forever21, UrbanOutfitters....was a dream come true! I buy all my clothes online. So it was extraordinarry!

Well I love your blog post and I'll cut this comment short before it turns into a novel!
Your tights are fabulous and I love when guys comment on outfits ;).

Love always,

My Owl Barn said...

Hi Erin, You have won My Owl Barn's giveaway. Congratulations! Please send me an email with your address.