Friday, March 1, 2013

the birthday suit & tie (sh*t, tie, sh*t)

someone asked me on my 17th birthday, "so how does it feel to be 17?" i say, "not too different." someone asked me on my 19th birthday, "so how does it feel to be 19?" i say, "...not too different." someone asked me the all too predictable question this year, "so how does it feel to be 20?" this time, to my own surprise i say, "i feel different." or more accurately...

if you'll recall with me from a tweet by my florentine chum @h_kimpossible -> "@erinykim re: turning twenty "BUT I FEEL DIFFERENT LIKE I FEEL LIKE A KIWI LIKE IT'S KIND NEW AND TANGY"" and that's literally what i felt like. not figuratively. literally. i felt the antennas of my soul tingling and i was fruit-ily evolving inside as if a warhead was sewn into my heart--ok maybe not that literally. i am by no means "older" in the mental sense. and that's why i'm not scared of getting "old," because i know my mind is still fresh, as proven by the weird ways i wear clothes (i'm pretty confident the quirky way i dress and some function of my mind have a correlation with each other). 

to be older, to me does not mean to be a grandma, to sleep early, to eat oatmeal, to pay taxes, to knit in a rocking chair, to stay in play my queue on netflix when everyone is out. to be "old" rings in a different negative connotation: the basic idea that the mind is not open. no matter how old i turn each february 26th, i know that i'll vie to keep my thoughts expansive, mind fresh, the world curious and keep things NEW AND TANGY LIKE A KIWI. i aim to never be afraid to say yolo. (BECUASE YOLO) to me that characterizes youth. a fearless, creative vision, essential to living.

so to illustrate my teen transcendence, naturally i found myself wearing the brightest stuff in my wardrobe and sparkly loafers and a peter pan collar. i must say, i am intrigued at how i never end up wearing the same outfit despite repeating the wear of these articles. i have actually been wearing like at least one of these pieces every/other day. and i'm quite satisfied with the birthday suit. 


this pose was inspired by the gap ad campaign for the the new 1969 skimmer. gap's ads are always so agreeable. i thought me mock-modeling would be fun/funny. 

can i tell you these cords have been my favorite pants ever. my other fav leg covering apparel (i.e. stuff that's not skirts, or shorts) would be my jcrew chinos that are lax and loose. these cords in comparison, are essentially the tightest pants i own, besides jeggings which are their own breed not to be compared with. when i visited previously free people, i found myself holding five pairs of corduroy pants to try on. the sales lady called me the "cord queen." i actually only own two pairs of cords, but i will nonetheless proudly be crowned the cord queen. thank you soho free people kind sales lady.

 shirt-zara, sweater-jcrew (surprisingly not crewcuts!), cords-free people, loafers-american apparel, socks-american eagle

song of the moment 
suit & tie - justin timberlake (should be more like "cords & stripes" according to my life)

ok originally that was simply going to be like the punchline of this blog post, but i got serious and starting writing lyrics tailored to my lifestyle. if you decide to read these lyrics (i recommend it, i am mostly happy with the results. they are my fav part of this post. actually maybe not, i really like my pants.) then listen to the actual song whilst reading. here we go

"cords & stripes" 

~*~i be on my cords n' stripes, sh*t, stripes. sh*t, stripes
i be on my cords n' stripes, sh*t, stripes, sh*t
can i show you a few loooooks? x2

i can't wait til i get on my peter, pan collar. 
goin out spiffed up, jus like a blogger
i'll choke myself, but i just had to button it.
it's so fly (it's so fly) and it's all mine (and it's all mine)

hey baybeh, we don't mind all the bloggin
cause if they study close, real close
they might street photograph somethin
it aint nothin but a blog post when the sartorialist does it
she so fly (she so fly) tonight

and as long as i've got my cords and stripes
imma leave it all on my blog tonight
and you got sucked in with my beehive
let me show you a few looks

all pressed up in shirts and brights
and i'm dressed in these pants that're tight
petite style is swingin in the air midnight
lemme show you a few looks~*~

i must say so myself, this is pretty freaking brilliant. or maybe i'm just elusively excited. 
potentially to be continued...i thought this song was just a repeat of the same verses but there are actually a lot of diff verses and lines so maybe i will continue this and even parodize jay z's (i think pathetic) feature. stay tuned ya'll. 

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