Thursday, November 29, 2012

bat to black

it's probably just me but i'm so proud of myself for posting three outfit posts three days in a row. winning! and of course, it features another purchase(s!) from the urban outfitters black friday sale. i tell ya, they got a good one. 

first things first, this cardigan feels uber soft, so when i saw it, the lapels kicked ass because lapels kick ass. and then i touched it and it had to be, i had to get it. and it helps that it was marked down to about $20. i like the big space under the arms. i feel like a bat when i wear it, i.e. super boss. and because it's so droopy, i felt like i had so many ways to wear it--close it up with a cool pin, tie it up, tuck it in, zomg so much to style so little time.

the button down collared shirt is also a fab friday feature. i think i paid $5 for that shirt at urban. the collars really spoke to me, and once again, super soft comfortable shirt. sparkle & fade knows their soft fabrics. 

speaking of sparkle, i'm also wearing my favorite sparkly tights. in order to combat the cold weather, i find it mandatory to layer up on tights, so i'm actually wearing two layers. and my legs were totally ok despite the city freezing my face.

i'm usually unconsciously a fan of colors and stripes and patterns but 1. i really wanted to style my new cardigan, 2. i really wanted to wear shorts with tights--i've been doing less of that combo, last year that was my jam. so i put this together, keeping it black, feeling like a bat, can't go wrong i supposes.


in other news, i'm so exciting to make christmas cards tomorrow evening. i went CRAZY buying paper and craft stuff since i decided that this year i'd like to avoid purchasing actual things. i thought i'd save money not buying actual expected gift-y items, BUT NO, i just spend my week's salary on paper and stickers and glitter and stuff. pearl paint mart on canal st. in soho is really great though; they weren't uber expensive, and the employees were really nice! I LOVE NICE PEOPLE. but anyway, HELLA looking forward to making some bomb cards that will blow your minds.

here is a subliminal message: have you voted on today? have you told all your friends to vote? yeah, didn't think so.

i really liked the geometric-ity that was happening.

cardigan and shirt - sparkle & fade, urban outfitters; shorts - armani exchange; boots - aldo

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J. said...

Great look! I don't like my legs much in shorts but I'm toying with the idea of wearing them with tights and your look is very inspirational! (PS-Is that comment above mine a for real?)