Friday, December 2, 2011

food for the heart: christmas

christmas in new york. bright white lights that illuminate the streets of new york. makes me wonder if its worth battling the army of tourists by rockefeller. how can you appreciate something so beautiful when youre so caught up with the franticking passerbyer's trying to cross in front of you. mini rant done. a charm. a tale. a land. a dream so real. in front of me, around me in new york, city. a modern edge, a traditional tone, a trust, an ode to christmas. new york city. christmas. where i am, where i want to be.


 (one of these photos is not like the others: last one was taken in new jersey)


Miranda said...

Sigh :) I really am so jealous of you in NYC, as I say every time, haha! You look beautiful and Christmas-y!

Anonymous said...

Those tights are so glam! And I love your hair :)