Saturday, August 13, 2011

Me Plus You

So guess what?! Erin's in the East Coast? She's excited for college? Well yah, all of those are true, but to top it off: Miranda from Little Gold Pocket Watch gifted me with a "One Lovely Blog Award" amidst six other blogs! When she told me, I think my eyes lit up and it was definitely a more-than-pleasant surprise. If you haven't visited her blog before, definitely worth it; she looks so good in her pics I wouldn't be surprised if she was a full-time model, and her photo locations are always stunning. I'm super jealous, but at least now we have something in common! Huzzah!

With this, I get to share seven nifty facts about myself:

1. I'm naturally a cat shirt collector: one's a band tee for Best Coast from Capitol Hill Block Party, another one I screen printed myself (so proud!), another says Kitty Overload with some kittays just chillin' and bein' cute.

2. I have too many boy crushes (to clarify: celebrity ones, not real life ones). Tom Felton, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Tobey MaGuire, just to name a few. While I'm at it, if you have an accent--that's not American I suppose--I will probably fall head over heels for you. And if you're a ginger, double that.

3. For that matter, I probably have too many girl crushes. Emma Watson is so fine, I can't even.

2. I secretly wish I was/am/will be the next Oprah. My goal in whatever I do is to be able to reach the masses and I think it's really inspiring how she has such a crazy history and is able to highlight other awesome personalities in the world to the world.

4. My guilty pleasure: listening to Justin Bieber and Tswift before I go to sleep. C'mon, everybody enjoys a lil meaningless catchy tune sometimes (if you worship them, don't get me wrong! you are awesome but y'know y'know, let's not fight about this) Me, plus you, imma tell you one time...why can't you seeEEee you belong with meEEee....

5. I live on Youtube. I have at least 10 playlists, most of them with 50+ songs on them each. Yeah, I kinda live there.

6. I like gettin' crafty. Drawing, scrapbooking, you name it. If I want to make something, I will spend all day working on it and I have never been not proud of a piece of work I made (except for like little sketch stuff, y'know). But seriously, I get serious.

7. Hm... I can't think of anything else so I actually want you to ask me a something (leave a question in the comments) and I'll do a post answering all yer inquiries! :)

And with the award I get to send it along to seven other bloggers but know that there are so many it's difficult for me to just choose like this. So, here are my seven picks in no particular order:


Samantha Elisabeth said...

Aw Thank you so much for the award/tag!! I'm working on the post now =) And your compliment was the sweetest, thank you!!

And haha I know how you feel--I have way to many boy & girl crushes.

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Great post, well done on the award :).

Sadie x

Miranda said...

Haha we totally have the same crushes, too! Especially Joseph Gordon-Levitt ;)
Thanks for the sweet mentioning of my blog! (Ok, that sentence failed at grammar/making sense! But you know what I mean...)

Catherine said...

Ah, thanks Erin! :D I actually stole the phrase man-repelling style from a blog called the Man Repeller... it's pretty funny! You should check it out. I'm secretly worried about how I'll look in comparison to Brits, but being in a big city/going out everyday should give me incentive to dress up. What type of shoes are you looking for? I compulsively stalk tons and tons of online shops... if you give a few parameters, I can probably point you in the right direction!

Alsoooo... so excited for you that you're getting a DSLR! I use the D3000. I'd recommend it, even though I liked my D40 better (before its untimely demise). I've never used a Canon except for in my photo class, but the camera was from the 70's and I preferred a Minolta. For starting off, I'd definitely suggest getting the entry level body (D3000 or T3). Once you start experimenting, you can get lenses (I have the kit lens and a 50mm f/1.8 lens [which I use for my blog photos], but I'm considering buying a 50-300mm lens for my travels)... and if your body wears out/breaks, you can invest in a better one. DSLR cameras are expensive, but once you know how to use them to their fullest ability, they're great! And in the long run, I feel they last much longer than ordinary point and shoots. I'd gone through three or four cameras from Target or wherever, but only this year did I have to replace my D40 - which was four years old, though I bought it two years ago.

Whew. I ramble so much.

I leave for England the 29th, by the way, though my orientation here starts the 26th. When will you be in NYC?


Ali said...

hey there you! :D It was really sweet of you to leave a comment, even though my blog is dead. I didn't mean to abandon it, it's just I've been so busy preparing for college!

And Oprah is awesome, so GO FOR IT. If you are the next Oprah, that would be awesome. Oprah oprah oprahh <3

<3 Ali

Anna said...

what! hahaha i JUST saw this post!! and saw my blog listed under the award!! THANK YOUUUU does that mean i am to write 7 "nifty facts" about myself as well? :)
YOUUU are so adorable. i read the entire post with a HUGE grin on my face, just wishing i could hang out with you sometime.. and we CAN because we're BOTH in NYC ♥