Monday, February 14, 2011

viva la love

I have no idea if "viva la love" is a phrase, but you get the gist. :) Valentine's Day may be annoying for all you single ladies (and I guess males...), but I really think it's an awesome day even for the people who go solo! I see it as a day of love and love doesn't have to be about a beau, at least I think so! Thus, I wish a Mucho Happy Valentine's Day to you! And it reminds me that even if my fabulous Prince Charming has yet to sweep me off my feet, at least there is still life, people, humanity, love all around. So, the least I can do on my Valentine's Day for my blog is send a little blog love to ya'll. :)

And I'm sorry for the rather large delay in my blogging during the last week. I really do have good excuses but I'm sure you don't want me to go into detail about that. I'll probably rant about it in an upcoming post.

For now, a week in photos (no particular order)! (and I got to take some of my outfit pics in a different place! I was really excited about that.) &At the end, a V-Day pic from me to you. ;-*

(click images to view in original size)

same shorts in two ways: 

sweater - Esprit (Germany or Austria?), shorts - Qua in South Korea, tights - J. Crew, flats - Cathy Jean

 I  got these new sparkly tights (only for $5 at American Eagle! score!)  and although my legs look like some kind of fat leech, I wasn't sure how to angle my camera to show the sparkly-ness of my tights. so there's that. And get ready for  an awesome outfit post with these tights later this week! My friend and  I are going match (matching is so fun)!:P

blazer - Ciel Boutique, tank top - Papaya, shorts - Qua (South Korea), tights - American Eagle, (shoes - I probably wore the same flats)

cardigan - banana republic, dress - urban outfitters, leggings - american eagle
lazy + cozy look. hoho.
jacket - ?, scarf - also ? but I think Macy's, jeans - it! jeans from Nordstrom (Kids! oh yeah)

shirt- GAP, cardigan - Banana Republic, skirt - store in South Korea, leggings - Anthropologie 

And most of all, Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  


erin :)

song of the moment -
falling for you - colbie callait (it's cheesy but what can i say? oh so catchy.)

PS. NYFW has been so fantaz! Watch out for a post later this week with some of my fav New York Fashion Week picks. :]


the solar flare said...

Amazing post:D i’ve just discovered your blog!it’s fantastic! If you want to follow me I would be very happy to follow you!! xoxo

Jamie said...

The song hahahahahahahahaha

I love you erin :]

Ali said...

OH OH! I love your sparkly tights and that blue blazer of yours. You are always so adorable and I miss you ever so much! I've been so blog dead and trying to revive it. Not much luck so far ehehehe. :D hope to hear from you soon! <3

Catherine said...

You have some fabulous tights! I never really buy any... perhaps I should.


Miranda said...

For me it was Singles Awareness Day! (S.A.D., haha)
That blazer is amazing. I must acquire one :)

Kenya said...

I love the blue blazer!
For me Velentine's day means nothing, could be cause it means almost nothing for the hole country and that I'm single too...

I'm really waiting for the nyfw pics