Thursday, July 15, 2010

101st post celebration!

Wow! I just realized I've reached over 100 posts!

My blog started out as a source of procrastination and getaway from all my homework stress, but now it's become my personal artistic/journalistic getaway! When I began my blog, I thought it'd be mainly be me writing about all the things I love, and the good things I learn everyday of my life, but I'm surprised to see that it's become more of an art/fashion centric blog!

I think what really makes the blog experience unique is encountering new friends from across the world. Those connections have really impacted my life and I write every word with you guys in mind. So thanks ya'll. :)

My title says "celebration," but I don't really know how to celebrate, so... here's a bunch of pics! :DD (I would do a giveaway, but I don't really know how the whole giveaways works goes) :S

Anyway, I don't want to bombard you with more pics of myself, but Ellen/Be You portraits does an amazing job. So I thought I'd share the rest of my senior photos!

Click images to see them in their original, glorious size - actually, I think they're larger than that, but it's closer to original!

The pics above and below are two of my favorites. :)

The bottom one is also one of my favorites:

My mom's favorite:

& if you'd like to see more of me - although you're probably tired of pics of myself - check out this video! I always like watching videos of fellow bloggers because you normally only see photos of them - videos add another dimension. :)

Recently, I've been cleaning up some things and I encountered my mini box of pins that I've collected since about five years ago. Here are just a few of the tons of pins that are roaming my house. I'll upload photos of my other pins in a future post! :)

Top left corner: 2008 Beijing Olympics special pins
Top right corner: British memorabilia
Bottom left corner: Korean pins
The rest: random from many places

(If you have a question about any of them, feel free to ask!)

From the British Museum of Art.

There was actually a Pink and Blue pin of the same pattern, and I couldn't choose between that one and the above pin. So I asked this fashionable looking young chap (I was in England so why not use approrpriate terminology?:D) who was wearing a hip blue, argyle sweater and had gorgeous blond hair. And I was like "which one do you like better?" And he replied, "oh... the blue one." He seemed a little freaked out by my random inquiry, but anyway, the rest is history!

From the Leadership Summit I attended in Boston at this time last year!! I miss my Leadership buddies...

Vintage Korean pins and one from 1988 Olympics! :)

Speaking of Korea, I'm sooo excited to visit my family and friends there in a couple weeks! My blog will be like a travel blog for the month of August, so stay tuned.

If you'd like to see more posts about my travels, click the "Travels" icon on the side bar of my blog. :)

I really worked hard to get those Coca Cola can pins! I asked all my friends and teachers to give me their Coke bottle caps so I could collect rewards to get the pin and after reaching 300 points, voi-la! :)

I hope you enjoyed my pin collection tour! :] There will be more I promise!

And if you have extra time, I enjoyed these pictures of Dakota Fanning all grown up.

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Asteria said...

really like the korean pins and the first pic!

Jamie said...

pins! i love your pins :]

Kimberellie said...

Oh, I adore your pin collection. I want to steal them all!! So much fun! Now you've done it, now I want my very OWN pin collection. Oh, dear.

Also, I like the photo your mom likes best best. I wonder what that says about me? But you look beautiful in all of them, and the last one you look just so happy too! And isn't that what mothers want most from their children? ;-)

Flashes of Style said...

You look very adorable! :)

Robyn said...

congrats on 100 posts! I love hitting milestones like those.

S and O said...

oh that is so cool!
congratulations on your 101 post!! :)
cute pictures!


Anna said...

Okay you are just soo cute Erin! I want to have a play date and take pictures under the sun!
Also I forgot to tell you how I changed my blog layout..all I did was click template designer in the "Design" tab on the top right of the page! Tell me if you have any more questions..

iris loves fashion said...

it's great how all the blog community puts together ppl from all over the world. this is the best thing we can get from it, I think. :)

Becca said...

Oh I really like all your pins, Erin!
So cute. Especially...(duh)...the blue one. It's just so, so cute!

J. said...

Such a great collection of pins! I love the olympic ones best...a great piece of history!

Congrats on the 101 posts!