Saturday, June 12, 2010

class of fashion: d-13 & 14 - sham WOW

it was my friend's birthday last friday and someone gifted her with an amazing SHAMWOW! not only does she know how to sport a shamwow, but she also wore a snazzy outfit - as always. i wish i got better pics of her shoes and the details on her dress. but here's the snaps i got :)

click photos to enlarge!

new trend?

Day 14: Junior Riley Sorenson

outfit details:
dress - ECI-New York from Nordstrom
necklace - Lori Bonn from Nordstrom
shoes - Seychelles from Nordstrom

Sophomore Lisa Souslova

you are gorgeous lisa. ;)

outfit details:
scarf - nordstrom rack
sweater - nordstrom rack
bag - nordstrom rack
skirt - old navy

(they really like their nordstrom!)

Day 13: Senior Yuni Hara

(I just had to take a pic of my friend here, cuz I probably won't see her again. I miss you already Yuni!)

that's my bro, nathan. hollaa!!

(i think i got an outfit post from each grade! whoa - sweet!) :)

and some pics of my outfit. i took mucho fotos. ;)

i tried to imitate the lacoste ads with the airy jump thing. not the same, but A for effort? :D

my face looks very tan in this photo....


outfit details:
jacket - billabong
shirt - hollister
tank top - bcbgeneration
jeans - nordstrom
sock - fake louis vuitton from vendor in south korea :D

here's an extra: hehehe....

have a fab weekend! :]


Leona said...

SO many pictures of you! XD Have a great weekend, too.

Ohh, and I watched your school's video, with the lip sync thing and everything. I thought it was cool. ;)

Ella Valeris Morrol said...

Is there something that Nordstrom have that you wouldn't love? Haha I'd love it too if there was a store here in Venezuela... and don't worry about not seeing your friend anymore, there's always Skype! I know it's not the same but you guys are friends and friendship crosses over any distance!!! You'll be fine!

Oh... I LOVE the funny Lacoste-ish photos.. they're so funny and look fun to make. BTW I wanted to invited you to my blog, it's new and small but it has its arms wide open to comments and critiques... I'd love to read what you think of it! ;)

Gi_K. said...

lovely pictures! fun blog do you have btw.

did you already see the blog giveaway?

Missy M said...

love your white dress x

Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

Tee Sea said...

I'm so in love with Yuni's bag!

J. said...

LOVE the last picture!

I gave my boyfriend Shamwows for Xmas one year as a gift!

Persis Shah said...

lovely pics! that white dress is GORGEOUS and Lisa looks really adorable as well =)


Marz said...

So cute Erin!
Do those Sham Wow things actually work? I'm so intrigued to try one! I love your lacoste style photo shoot, very cute!