Wednesday, May 19, 2010

my huckleberry friend

this weekend, i found an awesome dress at target and i love the bubble skirt design and everything! my mom kindly ironed the silk/cotton skirt part and now it looks like some high-end designer dress. :) thanks ma!

i hope you like the touch of asian-ness with my doodles. :)

(click photos to make larger)

outfit details:
dress - target
leggings - american eagle
shoes - cathy jean


Anna said...

I love the dress, and your cute doodles haha. Oh and btw the music on your blog is groovin :)

Anonymous said...

your clothes inspire me to go clothes shopping again. loving your style. : )

Anonymous said...

oh by the way, who takes your pictures?

jamiesuee said...

so cuteee! i think i almost bought that dress. but it didn't look nearly as good on me. :P i love your adorable pictures!

melindaa said...

you look so cuteee in this. i bought my sister a similar one at target :]

magpie said...

Your dress IS high fashion!! The lavender color is gorgeous on you, Erin dear :)

I also love the post above this one about the school fashion. her skirt is adorable!

Have a good rest of the weeek!!


magpie said...


This is so cute.

And you are absolutely right. Modcloth IS kind of ridiculously irresistible. The whole store is just too cute. If it were a hamburger at would be mcgorgeous. And all that jazz!

I'm excited to see what you picked!

Love always,