Friday, February 19, 2010

web sitings

after blogging around, i was inspired by joanna goddard of a cup of jo to post a few inspiring links. :)

start off with some cute, smarty-pants-esque outfits

then a little happy advice & all things nice

next up, refreshing smiling models. :D in my honest opinion, i think models should smile more often; why so serious?

and last but surely not least, my favorite link: (if you are going to ignore any of this post, dont ignore this link!) tell me who is the cutest?

and here are some lovely apparel pieces:

i was a little late on the red for valentine's day, but velvet is a timeless fabric. pretty, no? :)

and talk about jaw-dropping. :-O
lee angel pearl necklace via

valentino ruffled leather jacket via

valentino laceland tote via

valentino side draped dress via

have a wonderful weekend everyone. :)
any exciting plans for the weekend or stories from the weekend?

notebook doodles


Catherine said...

Ooh, pretty pieces!

janettaylor said...

Ooooh, Valentino!

You are the winner. Please email me your shipping information for the Amour button of collection. :-)

meliindaa. said...

what did you win?
have you seen the new movie/documentary about valentino? haha you should watch it! my favorite part about it though is his five dogs :]

btw, i decided to officially restart a blog!

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

that little doodle is quite inspiring. i'm always trying to remind myself that i can do anything.

also, i looooove those red velvet dresses.

your blog background is pretty, too.

and YOU ARE the cutest! :) love that.

J. said...

Your blog is so wonderful, makes me happy!

Love all the Valentino...what I wouldn't give to have that jacket!