Friday, February 26, 2010


Thank God it's Friday! And I still can't believe i'm


Wow. Seventeen. 6205 days have gone in my life. I'm so grateful for everything that's happened so far and I can't wait to encounter God's future plans that are gonna be awesome no doubt. Already, I feel like so much of my life is complete, but I hope I'll be able to change more of the world every day of my life in this new year.

Throughout the week, my school's "Random Acts of Kindness Everyday Club" collected "snaps," i.e. anonymous compliments written by students to give to other students/teachers (isn't that an awesome idea?). And today, they handed out these little blessings to those addressed students and while I wasn't expecting any, I received what seemed like a pound of treasures (it was really only 6). The fact that that many people thought about me enough to write a note and draw little doodles for me... man I just wanted to cry, and I think I'm breaking down right now. I can't describe my thanks to this world and to God. Man, I love life so much...

Thank you God for always blessing me with opportunities to grow, for making my dreams and not my nightmares come true, for taking care of all my worries, for showing me the way when nothing seemed possible, and for loving me like no one in this world, even when I didn't deserve your love.

Here's some pictures to celebrate today and the gift of giving (I guess in this case, receiving!). :)

First, this is an outfit I wore a few days ago but better late than never right?

Dress - Papaya
Leggings - GAP
Teardrop Necklace - from mom

And this the outfit I wore today; I got the cardigan and leggings for my birthday! :)

jacket - Billabong (PacSun)
cardigan - Anthropologie
skirt - a store in S. Korea
leggings - Anthropologie
shoes - Papaya

And here are the gifts I received from my parents today :)

(my name in Korean on the envelope)

painting my lips with my lip stick pen! (i tricked ya!)

delicious krabby patties! :)

now i can write, doodle and scribble with all my heart's desire! (with my lip pen!) ;)

Ma bought this for me from Arden B. It was originally $26, but it was on sale for under $5! Thanks mom! :)

My new Coach wallet. :)

Sporting my new H&M plaid scarf and Coach bag. I'm going to cherish this bag for the rest of my life (or at least most of it). :)

Thank God for friends. (my friends aren't all boys, but somehow the pictures ended up that way...)

And tomorrow, some gals and I are hitting the bowling alleys to knock a couple of pins. Maybe a miracle will occur and I'll get some strikes! (I think my highest has been about 70. :P)

(these were my invitations. aren't they awesome? I searched about 5 stores but these just won me over!) :D

I'll post more pictures over the weekend! For now, enjoy your's! :)


sharonlei said...

What a fun post! and Happy 17th Birthday... you're such a cutie :) I remember being 17, it was such a simpler time.. Enjoy and embrace... time flies by so fast when you're in our 20's! Take care sweetie.

xx Love & Aloha

Julia said...

Heavens, I love that beautiful ribbon-y cardigan! So lovely!


Audrey J. said...

Happy belated birthday dear! Hope you had the best times. Enjoy17, they were the best years of my life

Ainhoa said...

thanks for commenting on my blog, and yeah i really wish the pictures that i've posed could make my life change and have a fashion-thing future haha:) Happy bdaay, wish i wass 17 :)

J. said...

It looks like you had a wonderful day! (Love the birthday cardigan!) Thanks for sharing!

Silverbeige said...

I love your cardigan it is genius!&:))))
You received so many nice words from your friends! I love your outfits and those floral boxes.

Faux Naif said...

haaappy birthday!

(and i love that idea about the random acts of kindness. so, so, so sweet).

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

aw, you're 17! how darling :)

Elizabeth said...

Love that Papaya cute. Happy belated 17!

meliindaa. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAYY! i was so sad i couldn't go bowling =[ your cardigan is adorable and so is your card and so is everythingggggg about you! haha

Nahl said...

Happy Birthday!
I'm way too old in comparison (21)...i want those old days back! :P

Marz said...

Happy Birthday! :D
I'm so happy that you had such a lovely week, full of love. I love the presents your parents got you, that's so exciting! Enjoy this year of being 17 and enjoy your bowling trip :)
I love the cardigan you got for your birthday too, its so unique and just plain awesome!

Anonymous said...

Happy late Birthday! Wow, I love your cardigan!

Ugly Cute said...

happy late birthday, your outfits looked great!